A call to charitable accountants, web-designers and aspiring do-gooders

I admit that I failed miserably at maintaining my blog in 2012, but a new year has arrived and I am determined to do better this time…

Instead of making my first post of 2013 an angry rant about the cold weather and intolerable smog that have plagued Beijing for the past month (if you do want to hear about the smog, see Liat’s excellent article here  or click here for some cool but depressing pictures of just how bad it is), I want to start the year on a positive note and tell you about an amazing cause I recently committed to support and see if any of you can also help or contribute in any way.

For several years, my friend Alexa has been supporting a small orphanage in Myanmar (Burma) called the Life Garden Home.  Myanmar is experiencing some incredible growth and development at the moment, but as a side-effect of this, the Life Garden Home is finding it more and more difficult to cover its rent each month.  So, this year, alongside planning her wedding, which will take place in two different countries, neither of which she or her fiancé lives in (she is an over-achiever), Alexa and her fiancé, Prashant, have resolved to raise enough money to buy a plot of land and build the orphans a home of their own.

To fulfill my New Year’s resolution of being a generally better person and in support of a really good cause, I have volunteered to help them.  So, in my first act of self-sacrifice, I am turning to you to ask if you can help me help them help the orphans… please!?



Helping doesn’t necessarily mean money.  At this stage, your skills, time, ideas and guanxi (to make use a Chinese term) are just as important for getting things up and running.

If you answer yes to any of the below and would like to get involved (or know someone else who might), please get in touch…

Can you design and donate a great website?

First things first, to get the word out and ensure supporters are kept up to date on how their money is being spent, they’re looking for a talented web-designer to create a website for the cause.  In addition to the warm glow that will surround you following your good deed, you will of course be given full credit for your efforts and can add a great website to your portfolio.

Are you a charitable accountant or finance expert?

All the donations and fundraising need to be managed transparently to minimise any costs and make sure all laws are being abided by, so it’s really important to find someone knowledgeable who can help oversee the finance side of the project.  Do you think you could be that person?

Do you have any fundraising ideas or want to organise an event?

There are already some great ideas for events we’d like to host in Beijing, many of which should be easily exportable to other locations.  If you’d be interested in organising one and want to hear more, or if you have your own ideas on how to raise funds, please let us know.

Do you have advice from your own fundraising experience?

This is all totally new to me, but I know some of you have experience managing big fundraising projects like this.  Any pearls of wisdom you’d be willing to share on what works/doesn’t work would be much appreciated

Would you (or your company) like to make a donation or sponsor an event?

Money isn’t the first thing on the agenda, but it’s ultimately what’s needed.  If you think you or your company can help by making a donation, either directly or by sponsoring an event, get in touch.

I know I haven’t seen many of you in a while, but if you’re reading this and are interested in supporting in one way or another, or just want to share your opinion on what we’re trying to do, please don’t be shy in getting in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I really hope some of you will want to get involved!


P.S. Below are some pictures of LGH orphanage to show you some of the great work that’s already happening there





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